About us

WE are mestizomarket.com
A lifestyle online market, very proud to be Mexican


From the founders of Mestizo Restaurant & Tequila bar, the most authentic Mexican restaurant in London. 


One year after establishing the store right next door to the restaurant, with a wide range of Mexican products and seeing the interest and love from Londoners, we decided to launch mestizomarket.com.

Our final aim was to bring together the best selection and most unique Mexican products directly to your door. 


Featured products: 

- Food ranging from salsas, chiles, snacks, sweets (Mexican Candy), beans, tortillas and more. 

- Beverage such as Tequila, Mezcal, Wine & Beer.  

- Artisan Products including homeware, traditional handcrafts, clothing and handmade accessories.


All originating from Mexico.



Our vision is to build the world’s biggest online platform for Mexican products outside Mexico.  



We love supporting artisan producers to have access to a global market while providing our customers with a wide range of unique products.


Always guided by our company values: 


  • We play fair: No just with our work team and customers. We are committed with our Mexican artisans, we value their work and we only sell products that were made under a fair-trade scheme.
  • Green is our favourite colour: We Build ethically and environmentally sound supply chains so our customers can shop with confidence.
  • Create fun: Mexico has a lot to offer to the world but we want to offer it in the most creative and fun way. 
  • Passionate like a proper latino: We are proudly Mexican, we love to share our culture and traditions through our brand by bringing renowned products from across Mexico to the UK.
  • You help us, we help you: - We have a commitment with the Mexican community in the UK. We support the most innovative and creative entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to showcase their talent and businesses. 
  • As a team is better than alone: - We do believe that working collaboratively is the best way to make a change in the world. We are in this together. This is a team effort from the artisan producer until we reach our client.