Cerveza Allende IPA

Cerveza Allende IPA

"The IPA represents the effort of each brewer to extract all the benefits of hops to create a sublime beer.The constant creation of new varieties of this aromatic plant motivates us to constantly update the standard." In the case of Allende IPA, varieties were taken classic and other innovative to build a very thoughtful aroma profile, with a herbal base of pine forest, fruity core with exotic touches and citrus and the pungent complement of new crops " - Carlos Garay
Cont. 355 ml

Alcohol percentage: 6.5%

Color: Clear amber color that tends to orange, topped by a durable and creamy beige foam.

Aroma: Surprising, with an emphasis on hops, which is perceived as a forest of pines, tropical and citrus fruits and a nice pungent touch.

Taste: The complex notes of the hops are balanced by a soft sweetness of malt and its notes of honey and biscuit, which end in a prolonged finish of gentle citrus bitterness.

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