Creyente joven

Creyente joven

Creyente is an artisanal joven mezcal from Oaxaca. Made entirely using Espadin agave, this is silky smooth with notes of sweet fruit and a light herbaceousness. This can be enjoyed on its own with a fresh orange wedge
This velvety smooth mezcal comes from a rich artisinal tradition, blending distinctive agaves, regions, and traits.

Aroma: Elegant and lingering smoky note that blends subtly with sweet fruity traces, fresh oak wood, mesquite, and light herbal hints.

Taste: Sweet, reminiscent of cooked agave, with a taste of pleasant smoky notes and hints of fruit, yielding a smooth mezcal with layers of complexity.

Finish: Overarching rich, smoky mesquite wood flavor.

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