Horchata concentrate / Concentrado de Horchata

Horchata concentrate / Concentrado de Horchata

Horchata water is the number 1 drink in Mexico, it is made from rice as the main ingredient and it is the perfect choice to enjoy a wide variety of foods. The delicious Horchata Concentrate provides the best flavor and consistency to refresh yourself with a unique drink.

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Cont. 700 ml

Serving: 45 ml. 16 servings per container. 1 bottle yields 5.6 liters.

Origin: Mexico

Ingredients: Rice, water, cinnamon powder, sugar and natural and artificial colors.

Preparation method: Mix 45 ml of concentrate per 350 ml of water. To make it more consistent and tasty, add a little evaporated milk or coconut milk and a lot of ice.

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