Sliced Poblano Peppers / Chiles poblanos en rajas

Sliced Poblano Peppers / Chiles poblanos en rajas

Macha -
Poblano chillis are quite meaty, generally mild in heat, but incredibly flavoursome.
Cont. 315 gr

Preparation and usage: Add it on the traditional burritos, tacos, quesadillas, tamales. Delcious with chicken pork, beef, pasta, salads and eggs.
Package type: Jar glass and metal lid.
Recycling information: Jar, lid and label widely recycled.
Storage information: After openend, refrigerated and transfer in glass o plastic container.

Ingredients: Sliced Poblano Peppers, water, iodized salt, acidulant citric acid.

Dietary information: Vegan and Vegetarian.

Nutritional data: Per 100 gr. Energy 5 Kcal / 21 KJ. Fat: 0 gr. Of which Saturates 0 gr. Carbihydrates: 5 gr. Of which sugars: 0 gr. Protein: 0.9 gr. Salt: 0.02 gr.

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