Mexican Chorizo Seasoning Kit

Mexican Chorizo Seasoning Kit

Cool Chile -
Mexican chillies and spices to make a paste for seasoning minced meat to make spicy, tangy Mexican chorizo (recipe card included). Mexican chorizo is a fresh loose sausage meat that is fried and served crumbled over food.

What's Inside
- 20g sachet Mexican Chorizo Spice Mix (sea salt, annatto powder, garlic, cumin, allspice, Mexican oregano, thyme, spices, bay leaf), 1 Chile Ancho, 2 Chiles Guajillo, 1 Chile de Arbol, 1 recipe card.
Cont. 46 gr

Serving suggestion:

What you need
500g of minced pork or beef, containing at least 20% fat (or meat substitute, such as seitan), 3 garlic cloves, 50ml cider vinegar, 4 tbsp oil.

Toast, soak, blend and sieve dried chillies to make a paste to season meat – see full instructions in recipe card.

-Makes 400g cooked Mexican chorizo (approx. 40g per serving)
-Preparation time: 30 mins, Cooking time: approx. 15 mins
-Serve crumbled over fried eggs, folded through scrambled eggs, or mixed with crushed potato and fried onion for a tortilla or taco topping.

Allergy Advice
Please note that this item may contain traces of nuts and sesame.

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