Tajin Clasico Sauce / Salsa Tajin Clasico

Tajin Clasico Sauce / Salsa Tajin Clasico

Tajin -
Tajin is the name of a brand of seasoning mix widely used in Mexico. It is a mixture of spices that consists primarily of chilli peppers, lime and salt. The company that makes the seasoning, markets it as a "fruit seasoning." However, the spice mix can actually be used in many ways.
Cont. 475 ml

Tajin is traditionally used to season fruits, such as mangoes, which are popular foods in Central and South America. The seasoning also adds flavor to vegetables. You can sprinkle some on your favorite recipe for garden salad or vegetable soup. You can also sprinkle it over crudites or place a small bowl of Tajin on a vegetable platter for dipping. Additionally, you can season French fries or mashed potatoes with the seasoning.

You can use Tajin seasoning on almost any type of meat as a marinade or a direct seasoning. For poultry, sprinkle it on chicken before grilling or frying. Rub your Thanksgiving turkey with the spice mixture before roasting. For beef or pork, spread the mixture on ribs, steaks, roasts, chops and other cuts.

INGREDIENTS: Water, chilli peppeers, lime and salt.
DIETARY INFORMATION: Vegan and Vegetarian.

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