Tortillero Henequen

Tortillero Henequen

Baskets made from natural fibers of henequen plants

Henequen is one of the most important fibers in Yucatan, its name is Mayan is Kiij and it is a soft fiber of maguey used and cultivated since pre-Hispanic times. The artisanal elaboration of the henequen pieces (also known as "sisal fiber") is through a manual harvest and the defibration of the pencas is done with a pak-ché (a light wooden instrument in which the penca is scraped), the extracted filament is called sos-ki (henequen defibrated) and with it the crafts begin to be woven
Dimensions: 19.05 cm x 19.05 cm x 8.89 cm
Weight: 232.5 grs

Authentic henequen tortilla warmer handmade by Yucatecan artisans.
With 100% biodegradable environment-friendly henequen fiber material.
The authentic Mayan tortillero, can be used indoors and outdoors, is ideal for keeping your tortillas warm.

It can be wet and washed without damage or degradation.

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